Kolkata to Goa

From One Colonial City To Another

Kolkata, the erstwhile headquarter of the British rule. One of the oldest cities in the country, it is the capital of West Bengal and famous for its colonial architectural buildings that have symmetry and elegance. As Kolkata comes under the metropolitan cities, it can get crowded and hectic there.

But, whenever a person needs a vacation in their life, they head to the famous city of Goa. Also known as the fun capital of the city, it has everything under its name. Not only the beaches, but you can shop here at flea markets and there are cultural and educational places too like the Goa State Museum and Kala Academy. While the latter is the perfect place for all the art lovers, teachers and practitioners, the former is home to the old artifacts that are testimonial to Goa’s golden history.

The journey from Kolkata to Goa will be worth the time

With so much to offer, you won’t waste a single day in the amazing city and also get the much needed break that you deserve. If you have made up your mind to go to Goa, then how to reach Goa from Kolkata should be your last concern.

How to Reach Goa from Kolkata by Road

Hit the Road

If you have never gone on a crazy road trip with your friends in the past, then this could be the time for that much awaited journey. The total distance from Kolkata to Goa by road is 2200 km. It will approximately take 3 days to drive from Kolkata to Goa by car. Plan accordingly and ensure that you are up for 13 to 15 hour drive every day.

How to Reach Goa from Kolkata by Train

Trains are Convenient

3 days can sound daunting. And if that is the case with you, then you should travel from Kolkata to Goa by train. There is only one direct train available from Kolkata to Goa and it will take approximately around 39 hours for the entire journey.

How to Reach Goa from Kolkata by Air

Fly to Goa

There are plenty of flights available from Kolkata to Goa and they will take you to Goa in 3 hours which the less time taken compared to other routes.