Places to Visit in North Goa

What to See When in North Goa

Goa is an excellent place to visit. With all the tourist spots and an excellent atmosphere to go on a trip with every member of your family, it is the perfect destination for honeymooners as well as tourists. Goa has the ability to satisfy the needs of every age group irrespective of their gender. There are numerous places to visit in North Goa. Erstwhile colony under the Portuguese, the state is full of architectural marvels depicting the combined efforts of Indian as well as foreign engineers.

Shree Shanta Durga Temple built before the foreign invasion is the live example of how brilliant Indian architecture was. The goddess herself would be mesmerized by the structure of temple. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral is some structures built by the foreigners. Dudhsagarfalls, a beautiful place famous for its’ milky waters and beautiful location is among other places to see in North Goa.

I have been going on and on about the tourist places in North Goa but what about the beaches you ask? Chapora beach is the answer. Beautiful stretched like a women’s waist, it offers enjoyment to the tourists. Along with that, numerous hotels have a variety of rooms. Suites, economy class, deluxe class, and luxury class are the different types available in these hotels.

Add to that the delicious cuisine offered by round the clock available diners. Caludina’s shack, Alex beach shack and Deee’ Kaffee’ are the places you must visit in order to experience the local cuisine.

Not to forget about the spas and resorts, Park Hyatt spas and resorts Goa cater to those in need of a relaxing massage. Expert masseuses make all the stress go away as you relax on the comfortable table.

Welcome to North Goa!!!!!!

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