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South Goa Tourism Welcomes You to Sun, Sand, and Loads of Enthusiasm!!!

Goa, known for the many wonderful experiences that it provides is equally famous as the tourist capital of India. Manohar Parrikar, the ex-CM of Goa is now India’s kickass defense minister. Irrespective of season, the weather in South Goa is always pleasant. No wonder, it is the most chosen destination both nationally and abroad. These are all well-known facts about Goa, but, there are always a few silly reasons that we keep telling ourselves because we are too lazy to get off that comfortable leather couch we bought recently.

Let me tell you though how you can be lazy and still enjoy a South Goa tour. The hotels in South Goa offer tourist packages for those in need. Sold within the seconds of opening new slots, they have a great demand. You need not worry about it though. You can always book a room by walking into one of the hotels.

South Goa tourism is in great demand augmented by the proximity of places of interest. Salim Ali bird sanctuary, which is a haven for birds, is a delightful place to visit, especially for kids. For those who like betting on their luck, Casino Royale Goa is few blocks from these hotels in south Goa.

Along with the strategic location, South Goa hotels provide luxury suites with private swimming pools for those in need. For those of us who cannot afford the high-end rooms, you can always turn to the comfortable economy class that has equal amount of luxuries.

Dining places with delicious local cuisine and cheap prices cater to the food lovers. Aggie’s Café, Nick’s Place and the Black Sheep bistro are the places that you must visit for those of you who want to taste food prepared in South Goa style.

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    South Goa is the best part of Goa where you can find everything.


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