Luxury Hotels in Goa

Luxury Hotels in Goa Are a League of their Own!!!

Goa is a state in the western part of India. It was ruled by Portuguese and was handed over to India in the year 1961. “The future tourism capital” It can be named because of the huge number of tourists pouring in. National and international tourists. But again, why am I telling all this, you ask me? How else am I going to convince you to visit Goa?

“You just the place is crowded, how are we supposed to stay?” You will question for sure. My answer is Goa luxury hotels. They are the best. What are the facilities available? Is there someone who can take care of our kids while we go on a trip? These are all the questions asked by you. Well, let us just say that the luxury hotels in Goa include everything.

Deluxe, super deluxe, pent house suites are the different types of rooms available in the Goa luxury hotels. Private swimming pools are available in the suites and for others there is the community pool. Gymnasium with all the latest equipment and an attached masseuse services center is also provided by the hotels.

All the time that you go on sight-seeing, you need not worry about the safety of the kids. Experienced baby sitters who are well trained are available in such cases.

Coming to the location of the luxury hotel in Goa, Chapora beach, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se cathedral are all within the proximity. You can always call a cab through the hotel otherwise. Salim Ali bird sanctuary and Goa state museum are among the other places that are in the proximity of these hotels.

Thalassa, Mum’s kitchen, Go with the flow are the best-rated dining places for the food lover in you. These are just blocks away from these hotels and serve all the cuisines that there ever were. After all, with all the expert chefs, it is a piece of cake for them. By the way, cakes here are delicious.

List of Luxury Hotels in Goa

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