How to Reach Goa from Lucknow

The City of Beaches Summons the City of Nawabs!!!

Lucknow, the “City of Nawabs”, is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a major metropolitan city of India, yet it has retained its old world charm and mannerisms. The exquisite monuments that were built during the ancient times are still preserved for the present to see and cherish. And the Awdahi cuisine simply, clean-bolds all your five senses.

Some of the monumental landmarks include; The Bara Imambara, built in the year 1784 by the fourth Nawab of Awadh- Asaf-ud-Daula as a relief project for a major famine that struck in that year.  Some of the impressive architectural structures include Chattar Manzil, Jama Masjid and Rumi Darwaza.

Now that you have witnessed some of the historic landmarks created by man, it’s time to move to the admire the beauty of Mother Nature- to the land of palm-fringed and sun-kissed beaches of Goa.

How To Reach Goa From Lucknow by Road

The distance between Lucknow to Goa is 1,840 km by Road. The Aerial distance is 1,466 km.

Want to enjoy the stop-overs and the tasty food of the roadside dahabas? A Lucknow to Goa by car journey is the perfect fit for you. It would take 31 hours to travel a distance of 1,840 km via NH3. Alternatively, you can enjoy a Lucknow to Goa by bus journey, too. You need to buy a ticket for Lucknow to Jhansi from the State Transport Bus Terminal. Upon arriving in Jhansi, you need to take a Mngla Lksdp Exp train to Goa.

How To Reach Goa From Lucknow by Train

The train route distance is 4,677 km as the trains ply across five states before reaching Goa. The total journey hours take anywhere from 42 hours to 48 hours depending on the train of your choice. The Lucknow to Goa Train ply between Lucknow City to Madgaon (Goa). Some of the trains that ply between these two train junctions are AVADH EXPRESS, MNGLA LKSDP EXP, and GOA EXPRESS.

How To Reach Goa From Lucknow by Flight

Have a shorter vacation? Opt for Lucknow To Goa by Air.  It takes 5 hours and 40 minutes to cover the aerial distance of 1,466 km. Several weekly flights operate from Lucknow Airport. Prominent carriers are Jet Airways, IndiGo, and Air India.