Madurai to Goa

From The City Of Temples To The City Of Souls, Travel Them Round With Multiple Options!

Madurai is known for its vast south Indian touch – the rich culture, the temples, the huge old mansions, and the religious concern in people and yes the language.

If your next stop is Goa then you are going to experience a different level of enthusiasm and entertainment. Apart from all the beautiful churches and beaches, this place has some great attributes to try viz. water sports, bike hire, the flea market, the backwater kayaking, snorkelling, para-gliding, Casinos, wildlife tours etc.

The Madurai to Goa plan now seems too indulging and intriguing, right? Here is how you can reach Goa from Madurai:

How to Reach Goa from Madurai by Road

If you opt to travel Madurai to Goa by bus then till Bangalore, Calicut or Kochi from Madurai book a bus then again get a bus to Goa, the fastest being Madurai-Bangalore-Goa option covering a 1000kms in 19 to 20hrs.  Similarly Madurai to Goa by car leads from Madurai to Salem, following the NH7, later through NH4A one can enter Goa, but then later the brothers and sisters will take care of it, right?

How to Reach Goa from Madurai by Train

Covering a 1300 km ride, the Madurai to Goa by train (Tiruvelneli – Datar Express) is a relaxing option which leads you to the throbbing city of Goa from Madurai within less than 16 hours.

How to Reach Goa from Madurai by Flight

Just 745kms of distance travelled, the Madurai to Goa by Air flights are available offered by both Spice jet and Jet airways. 6 hours of journey with two transits is what the travel is about.

Madurai is awarded with rich culture, temples, huge mansions, the religious concern in people and yes the language. But then rather try doing some real stuff like:

Buying Sungudi Sarees – This is one of Madurai’s one of the many specialities. If you are here then getting back some good Sungudi sarees.

Some good Carnatic Music -Music lovers should book tickets for shows which usually gets set up once in every fortnight in Madurai.

Also buying some Golu Dolls – Toy idols of your Gods or Goddesses as a souvenir from an artist named SG.

Yes, and lastly do not forget to visit the Flower Market at Madurai, the mulla poo of all colors, sizes and kinds are available in the market.