Mysore to Goa

An Exciting Journey From Mysore To Goa

One of the brightest cities in the state of Karnataka is Mysore. It is well known for the abundance of spices, silk and sandalwood that it has. But, if you are looking for beaches and sultry islands, then the city which has it all is not far from Mysore. We are talking about Goa and the plus point here is that the distance from Mysore to Goa is not overwhelming at all.

Goa has everything, right from the scenic views to the pleasant after night parties which will remind you of your younger days. There are plenty of beaches including the very famous Baga Beach. But, unlike the common misconception, Goa is not only beaches. There are places or rather islands which are isolated and strikingly beautiful. There are concealed places in the city like the Divar Island. It takes you to the countryside of the city and it is every bit surreal.

How to reach Goa from Mysore by Road

A journey from Mysore to Goa by road can be filled with adventure and picture perfect sights as there are two ways to reach Goa. One can either drive in their car or hire a cab. Either way, you can drive through NH 4 and SH 7 or take the alternate route of driving through Mangalore – Mysore Highway and Edapally – Panvel Highway.

How to reach Goa from Mysore by Train

Train Journeys Make Memories

If you are not very pleased with the idea of driving in your car, you can always opt for Mysore to Goa by train. There are in total 5 weekly trains from Mysore to Goa and it can take around 16 to 19 hours to reach Goa depending on the train you book. If you are traveling alone, then train is the best option as it is cheap and you get to bond with new people on the way.

How to reach Goa from Mysore by Air

Don’t Have Time? Take the Flight!

If you can’t afford hours to spend on the travel, then the best way to go from Mysore to Goa is by air. It will take only 4 hours to travel from Mysore to Goa by flight is you take Air Asia.