Nagpur to Goa

Take a Trip to the Fun Capital of India from the City of Oranges!!!

Nagpur is one of the smart cities of Maharashtra and also the largest after Mumbai and Pune. It has a large number of dwellers. With the city rapidly growing, there is little space left for enjoyment. If you are a resident of Nagpur and are yearning for the much needed break, then head to the fun capital of India- Goa.

It may be famous for its beaches, but it has a lot of places that hold historical significance too. There are islands, forts, churches and flea markets to keep you busy throughout your stay. One of the lesser known places in the city of Goa is the Arvalem Caves. It is one of the great heritage architecture of the city. The rock cut caves have mythological stories which date back to the 16th century.

Excited much? Pack your bags and make that trip from Nagpur to Goa for the much needed break!!

The great news is that every mode of transportation is available to reach Goa. The sad news is that there is no direct train or bus or flight available from Nagpur to Goa.

How to Reach Goa from Nagpur by Road

Another alternate way to travel from Nagpur to Goa is by bus. Take IndiGo from Nagpur to Pune then take a deluxe bus from Neeta travels and Groups to Goa.

How to Reach Goa from Nagpur by Train

If you have enough time, then you can take a train from Mumbai to Goa instead of taking a flight. This will save you money. However, it will take around 16 hours to make this journey. But, if you have travelled in a train before, then you would know that they are always worth it.

How to Reach Goa from Nagpur by Air

The Fastest Way

Don’t let the partying spirits down. You can travel from Nagpur to Goa by flight in just 4 hours. You will have to change flight at Mumbai. Take Go Air from Nagpur to Mumbai. From Mumbai, you will reach Goa in SpiceJet. If you are running short of time, then this is the best way to reach Goa.

With so many options, you will reach Goa with utmost convenience and safety.