Nashik to Goa

Plan a Memorable Trip– Nashik to Goa; Effortlessly!

At about more than 700 mts above the sea level there is a small town in Maharashtra named Nashik which was earlier called Gulshanabad. This place is one of the most attractive as well due to its lining of Godavari River.

This city is known for travelers visiting from across the globe for two reasons: Religion and Excitement

Yes there is a huge list of religious places that are worth visiting here at Nashik like Mukdhidham Temple, Panchvati, Ramkund, Kalaram Temple, Sundar Narayan Temple, Trimbkeshwar, Someshwar Temple, Kapaleshwar Temple. All these holy places attribute the importance of the Hindu Gods and their culture.

Talking about the excitement, Kumbh Mela is known for being the most sorted gathering ever in the country. This place gets its chance to host the Mela in every 12 years after Ujjain, Haridwar and Allahabad.

With the finger licking street food and equably sophisticated hotels offering good flavors you need not worry for your craving needs of food too. Planning to travelg to the thriving Goa from the gorgeous Nashik? Here’s how to…

How to Reach Goa from Nashik?

Nashik is situated near Gujarat, while to reach Goa one has to travel through the state. So here is how you can take a trip for Nashik to Goa:

How to Reach Goa from Nashik by Road

You can travel Nashik to Goa in your private vehicle or by hiring the services of a reliable taxi. The distance between the two cities is 746 km and takes 12 hours to reach the destination. Taking the NH4 will be convenient enough. With good roads, safe driving and good food in between, it is indeed a fun ride.

How to Reach Goa from Nashik by Train

Want to take a train instead? Several trains operate between the two cities and takes 14 to 15 hours to complete the journey. Trains like Patna – Vasco D Gama Express and Nizammudin – Erunakulam Express will take you to the destination.

How to Reach Goa from Nashik by Flight

The aerial distance is 516 km and it takes 6.5 hours to complete the journey. Flights keep changing for Nashik To Goa by Air on a daily basis so be updated through online details. Some of the flights that operate are Jet Airways and Air India.