Salem to Goa

Head to the Goa for the Aroma of Spices!!!

One of the small cities in the state of Tamil Nadu is Salem. Though it is located in close proximity to Coimbatore and Bangalore, the city itself doesn’t have any major attraction site. Being a citizen in a city which offers nothing on the adventure and fun front can become extremely boring.

Another city which is close to the city of Salem is Goa. The absolute fun city to be in. It has the exotic beaches with clear water and soft sand. These beaches become the hub for late-night parties. Apart from the beaches and churches, you can get to take in the aroma of the famous spices of India. The climate of the city is well suited to grow all kinds of spices. There are many spice farms in the city and you can go for a guided tour around them and have a lunch made of the rich and fresh spices. The famous spice farm is the Sahakari Spice Farm.

Already tempted to go for a trip from Salem to Goa? Then pack your bags and take any route you want as how to reach Goa from Salem is not a problem.

How to Reach Goa from Salem by Train

Train journeys for discovering our India!!

If you are thinking of taking a Salem to Goa train, then you have two weekly trains running forth and back to Goa. The Vellankanni Vasco Da Gama Express runs twice and takes 22 hours 35 minutes to make the whole journey. Trains are preferable if you want to relax and are on a tight budget as this is the cheapest option.

List of Salem to Goa Trains

How to Reach Goa from Salem by Road

22 hours can seem a long time and if you are interested in going from Salem to Goa by road, then it will take only 12 hours to reach Goa via NH 4. This route is also safe.

How to Reach Goa from Salem by Flight

There are no direct flights from Salem to Goa but you can travel to Bangalore by bus and then take a flight to Goa. However, this will also take a long time, and if you cannot afford to spend long hours on the journey, then road is your best option.