Solapur to Goa

Solapur To Goa- A New Way To Put Some Enthusiasm To Traveling Needs

The sugar city of India Solapur has been a keen choice since sometime for the tourists to place their foot for travel.

If you are a regular visitor to temples then there are some good numbers of temples which will be worth visiting like Siddeshwar Temple, Rukmini Temple, Parasnath Jain Temple and many more. These places are a mark of solace and architecture.

Some other interesting places are the Bhuikhot Fort and the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary which are for those who like the vintage places and forestry. The walls of this fort are even seen from the Siddeshwar Temple which looks eminent as well.

After completing the trip in this city if Solapur to Goa is next in your check list then have to be sure to know that Goa is the dream destination for a lot of people. So help yourself to get to this place where you ‘Live in the Sunshine, Drink wild air and swim in the sea’. Who doesn’t want that to occur? Of course it is a thrilling place with loads of music, crowd, culture, beaches and what not.

Let your traveling be completed with Goa’s mesmerizingly natural trait.

Distance between Solapur to Goa is 437 km by Road and the Aerial distance is 327 km.

How To Reach Goa From Solapur by Road

It takes 8 hours to cover the distance of 437 km by roda via NH 13. You can take a Solapur to Goa by bus that operates daily. But if, you would like an exploratory trip then what could be better than Solapur to Goa by car.

How To Reach Goa From Solapur by Train

There are no direct trains but yes you can take a train from Solapur to Hyderabad or Miraj then again travel by a bus or cab.

How To Reach Goa From Solapur by Flight

From Solapur you can travel to Hyderabad and then take another flight or train to Goa. Direct flights from Solapur to Goa by Air are not available. It takes 11 hours to complete the distance.