Vadodara to Goa

From The Banyan City To The City Of Pearls And Sand; Travel Along The Flow

The Sanskari Nagri….. beats, flows, and keeps itself calm and compost. If travelling to this beautiful city is what you are planning then get your facts straight about some good places:

The magnificent Lakhsmi Vilas Palace, the grandeur Kamati Garden, the Baroda museum and Picture Gallery, the Nazarbaugh Palace, The Kirti Mandir, Qutuubbudin Hajira, Tanbekar Wada, Makarpura Palace, are the places you are looking for.

A trip to Goa, being the ‘Rome of the East’ with its own Sun, Sand, Forts, Scenic Beauties and The Beer, Parties & Hangovers, will never be a regretting scheme. A visit to its ever ready flea markets, delectable cuisines, Coastal exquisiteness and the Goan lifestyle is just the vacation you desreve! So travel around the cities like Panaji, Vasco De Gama, Ponda and Velha Goa and explore the real Goan culture and history.

Thinking for the Vadodara to Goa trip? Here’s how to reach Goa from Vadodara in easy steps:

How to Reach Goa from Vadodara by Road

Vadodara to Goa by Car is an option which will be memorably different! You have to travel across a 1007kms for 16 to 17 hours. So be well prepared with all the amenities before starting. You have to pass via AH47 and drive through Bharuch, Surat, Vapi, Pune then Goa.

Vadodara to Goa by Bus

You can find direct buses from Vadodara to Goa which will get you down there within 21 to 22 hours. The price may vary from 2000 to 3500/- depending on your choice of bus (AC/Non-AC/SL).

How to Reach Goa from Vadodara by Train

Vadodara to Goa by train has a plethora of options viz. Nagercoil Exp., Trivandrum Rajdhani Exp., Nizamuddin Rusera Ghat Exp., Kerala Sampakranti Exp., Goa Samarkranti Exp., and Kochuveli Exp. to choose from. It takes approximately 16 to 17 hours to reach Goa while travelling for a distance of 1044kms.

How to Reach Goa from Vadodara by flight

As there are no direct flights for Vadodara to Goa by air, you can have an option of taking a flight from Vadodara to Mumbai and then flying again from there to Goa. This takes just 2.5 hours of your time sans the transit and the distance covered is just 782 km.