Bambolim Beach in Goa

Get Perfect Sun Tan on the Bambolin Beach

When it comes to soaking up the sun and getting that perfect tan, Bambolin beach in Goa is the perfect location to visit. Located in North Goa, Bambolin Beach has a lot to offer than most people realize. It is not the usual type of beach you find everywhere with uproar and chaos. It is secluded from the mainland; which gives Bambolin its special appeal and charm.

When people think of Bambolin Beach, the first thing that strikes the mind is an exotic place with calm and tranquil surroundings. Numerous resorts fitted with modern amenities throng its shores. And if you like it rough, when you go out on a boat then my choppy waters are perfect for you.

You can enjoy the special Goa cuisines (especially the seafood) in the shacks present on the Bambolin Beach. You will be surprised with a lavish banquet of lip-smacking delicacies that these shacks serve; leaving you asking for more.

Imagine having the best seafood in the country against the scenic landscape is simply breathtaking. If that is what you are looking for, then Bambolin is the perfect place. Either spend the day lazing around or go for some adventure, all up to you!!!

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One thought on “Bambolim Beach in Goa

  • 11th July 2016 at 5:58 pm

    Bambolim Beach is a nice and calm beach in Goa


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