Betul Beach in Goa

Betul Beach – Small Yet Worth A Discovery

A small coastal village with loads of music and active sites where you can aim to be a part of, a place in south Goa that gives you the right thrust for life, Betul Beach in Goa is heaven for party hunters and harmony seekers. The coconut trees high touching the sky, shaded beach tables and beer in hand, the unique texture of living the life by has given a reason for Betul to attract more people towards it.

With a quite rusty feel this place has good transportation service along with better known franchised hotels to look out for. The sun kissed sands along with your flip flops, the waves of the beach touching your toes, on the grounds of awesomeness dripping, Betul Beach Goa one place that everyone goes!

Fishing and rowing some boats on your own can be a tangy fun that you can have with your friends. The friendly locals seem to be very supportive towards the newly reaching tourists with the gratitude and calm behavior as well. With good restaurants around, eating should never be a trouble for anyone visiting Betul Beach in Goa.

Try out some really cool shops in Betul as well which provides a deeper exploration to the existing trades of spices and dry fruits.

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