Bogmalo Beach in Goa

Bogmallo Beach- An Experience That Relaxes You Completely

This beach has an instinct of grasping essence from its surrounding and putting it forth into the bowels of the sea which emerges through the yellow to orange colored horizon that begins peeping. Bogmallo Beach has pure intention of capturing its mesmerizing beauty and presenting you with ever striking wavy shores with a never ending rush of people from around the globe.

There are certain really gorgeous places near Bogmallo Beach Goa which are worth a trip if you have set foot on Bogmallo. Places like Goa Diving and Casino Pearl are some of the choicest places to spend some tireless time. Kayaking is another activity conducted by handful of authorities nearby for bringing out an interesting venture for the tourists’ vacations.

Some 10 to 12 km away there is a pious temple named the Shantadurga Temple which portrays the devotees’ devotion towards the Godly rituals as well as tranquillity. Just nearby the temple situated is the Fort Aguada with a good deal of fame from Bollywood movies and easy family access.

Bogmallo Beach Goa also has Holland Beach just half a km away which is a fun filled, all time thrilling place for anyone wanting to have a good time well spent.

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