Cansaulim Beach in Goa

Cansaulim Beach – The Undeniable Paradise

What to do to just get cooled off after having a frustrated week? What do you deserve this weekend? What more can you have if you. Then pack your bags and slip to the land of beaches, Goa. With new beaches becoming a tourist spot, the one with the forts have still maintained to be in the limelight. Time to explore a new beach named the Cansaulim Beach in Goa.

Extending the Velsoa beach, this beautiful stretch provides a clean look bearing the palm trees and the whiteness of the sand lifts the deserted look of the beach, giving altogether a gorgeous feel. Just a glance away is the Zuari beach which peeps from behind the hills on the side of the beach. Other neighbors of Cansaulim Beach Goa are Arossim and Mobor. From Vasco, this beach is like 20 km away and can be reached via bus or cab.

In the cities nearby like Marjoda and Colba, you can find affordably easy accommodation so that you don’t need to be bothered with the expenses coming along. Other restaurants and hotels nearby the city will also help you to get decent space to accommodate but then it may beat your costs out of the charts.

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