Dharvalem Beach in Goa

Dharvalem Beach – The Soul of Serenity

Also called the Chota Cola Beach, Dharvalem Beach in Goa is yet another secluded and remotely situated spot which entitles the presence with a calm vibe which tunes just the sound of fine breeze and the shore waves. Situated approximately 30kms from Margao Beach, this place is a treat for your eyes. Also referred as the Coco beach by the travellers, this beach is locally called Dharvalem Beach Goa. This beach is positioned between Coco Beach and Canaiguinium Beach.

Wrap up some foldable beach shacks for your pleasurable stay on the beach getting sun kissed. There are facilities of provision of tents with basic facilities like washroom, lighting, small kitchen etc. so that your on-the-beach experience is made a further more intriguing and gluing!

The shining sand lined with the big black rocks on this sole beach makes Dharvalem Beach pristine as well as the divinely unique. Near Canacona in South Goa, this place endows upon its visitors with the beauty of immaculate properties.

Water sports and Picnic are stuff that people still like to give a chance to. By the time when dusk sets the camp fire will also be ready in order to experiment food made.

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