Hansa Beach in Goa

Hansa Beach – The Secluded And Non-Explorable One

Away from the hacks of the city life, Hansa Beach is situated in the city of Marmagoa in South Goa just 3 to 4 kilometres away from Vasco City. Among the precious other beaches of the state, this beach is not for the access of the regular public as it is completely and wholly handled by the Indian Navy Wing of Goa. This small location is an easy spot for any atrocities hence this place is taken under the cover of the military services of the Naval forces.

The location is also very near by the other naval installations which are done for the safety purposes of the country. These installations need regular check-up, updates as well as a keen watch every day. Hence Hansa Beach in Goa is not open for general public or for their vacation trips. But still the naval personnel as well as their family members have the admission to this beach for their little and composed fun they need.

There is a Naval museum set up nearby the Hansa Beach Goa that pulls more people who are interested to get rationalized with the naval services, people served, their history, NavyMen appreciations and more.
Hence this secluded beach is not so popular, yet a visit with permission can be possible.

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