Hollant Beach in Goa

Hollant Beach – Historically Important Yet Amusing

With an open sunrise spot and a huge overwhelming response of visitors on a daily basis, Hollant Beach in Goa has always been a favorite place to enjoy the magnificence of the beach and the serenity of a sunrise.

This place is just a couple of kms away from the Bogmalo Beach. With an excellent choice of restaurant and hotels as well as classy cafes to serve, Hollant Beach has been a place with good seafood eatery.

This beach is also called the Issorcim beach which lies off Vasco. Nearby hails the Chapel of Three Kings on the top of a hill near Velsao village. This place has an importance of its own, that sites the rare Feast of the Three Kings at Cansaulim. With a huge procession right from the hill top to the church ground, this event is not worth missing.

Try to visit the Hollant Beach Goa after the Christmas Eve or during the New Year’s Month. The long term impact of that festive mood of Goa is a rousing emotion. People from various states of the country and also from other parts of the Globe come to visit the procession and this serene filled beach.

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