Kegdole Beach in Goa

The Silent Delight – Kedgole Beach

Controlled by the Naval Academy of India, Kegdole Beach is less of commercialized, but still the breathtaking and enticing beauty can be enjoyed if you are tourist. With an Atlantic Sea view in the background, this nude beach is a ready place to explore for the travel enthusiast. This unspoiled and non-packed beach owes a lot to the strictness which the academy has been following for it to be kept clean and secure.

Kegdole Beach is a long beach which stretches itself in the Verem Village and is situated near the Mandovi River. With the right amount of solitude and serenity this beach is pertinent to spend quality time. Being on the riverside, Kegdole Beach attracts majority of the couple travellers who just want to lay back and feel the sluggishness in them.

There are some good little restaurants built nearby for the minimal crowd that visit this beach. This sandy place is really fulfilling if you bring down your family along. There are some good shops around that sell crafts by the local artisans which are way cheaper and better.

Talking about fun, you can move around as a part of sightseeing or even just have a good sun bath and enjoy the view of the Reis Margo Fort which is present on the opposite side of the beach.

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