Querim Beach in Goa

Visiting the End of Goa- Querim Beach

Querim Beach is located in the farthest corner of North Goa. This place gets you away from the hectic lifestyle you live. The tranquil ambience of the shore paired with beach shacks and chairs and the shady trees of Casuarinas and Fir in the background completes your vacation’s dream with an enchantment well created.

You can have a leisure swim and immerse yourself in the calm waves and zephyr at the beach. Walk on the beach to find surprises at every step you take. Just within the limits of the Querim city, this beach is widely spread to a long distance. On one end there is North Goa that connects it to Terekhol River, and on the other, temple Ajoba receives a good number of devotees who plan to visit it.

Heaven seems a little closer when you reach this beach, with high amount of endorphins released in your system, due to the pristine and calm ambience of the beach. There are quite a good number of restaurants and sightseeing spots nearby for you to enjoy a lip-smacking Goan delicacy or spending quality time with self or family.

The beautiful Arambol Mountains adds to the picturesque landscape of the Querim Beach, do we need to say more?

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