Velsao Beach in Goa

Velsoa Beach – The Beach With A Soundless Turn

A part of South Goa that it is, Velsoa Beach Goa is one of the depots for purity and cold water. The breezing waves with the relishing sweetness of life here at Velsoa, one can make sure that even rural life is fun and can be tried hands on.

Velsoa Beach in Goa lies between the Bogmalo Beach and Colva Beach. For an admirable trip to be planned make Velsoa a part of the Goan expedition.

Swimming is one activity for which one has to be really careful as lifeguards are not easily available here. During the huge tides though some guards, who are none but the villagers themselves, do provide the secured service but still think before taking the plunge.

25kms away from Mobor and Betul, this beach has a rustic touch because it is still unexplored. Checking Velsoa Beach and moving into the isolation of this place is really worth anything.

If seclusion really helps to pull out a loaded trip then hit Velsoa Beach in the end of your tour. Do visit The Three Kings Church on the Remedios hill which is yet another creation of antique architecture worth to stopover. The festive feast of the church is something which can beat any hotel or restaurant in the village at Velsoa.

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