Zalor Beach in Goa

Zalor Beach – A Small yet Zealous Shore

Carmona Beach or Zalor Beach both are the names of the same beautiful place which inspires in it with a good number of beach shacks is situated in Salcette in South Goa. The beach is deserted and lonely.

It is present in a remote place where you can spend quality time without getting hustled by any sort of crowd or party animals. 14 km away from Margoa city this beach is situated deep within South Goa and one has to explore the roads a lot to get there.

Varca or even known as the Fatrade Beach is the neighbor of Zalor Beach Goa which have been insistently called by two different names and beaches even they are located just side by side. This small beach is attractive and creates a composed magic in the visitors’ minds. With ample security and defending measures given to this beach it is a safe choice.

While gazing by the beach you can stroll into the Varca Village which is just a few steps from Zalor Beach. The village is very close to Sal River and has a major population of Christians hailing from Goa. There are few churches in the Zalor village as well which deserve a good praise for its cleanliness and traditional get up.

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