Belgaum to Goa

Exhausted With Life’s Madness? Head to Goa for Adventure and Rejuvenation

Leading the usual mundane and boring life in your city? Then, we have the ideal spot for you to holiday or party. Goa is the fun capital of India and it is said so for a reason. People who need a break usually head to Goa and blow off all the steam. One of the closest states to Goa is Karnataka and there is a small city of Belgaum. The city is close to Goa and if you reside there, then taking a weekend off to Goa won’t be a problem.

Looking for solace or adventure? Well, Goa offers you both. There are plenty of beaches in Goa that have late night parties which often go till dawn, and one such destination is the Baga beach. When it comes to solace and peace, then you can head to the Butterfly beach or the Calangute beach or the famous churches. Spiritual people will have a lot to take in this place.

Head to Goa for the Best Weekend!!

How to Reach Goa from Belgaum by Road

Since, Goa is a mere 3-hour drive by car; this is the most convenient mode that you could go for. Belgaum to Goa by road can be fun and there are several natural sights on the way that you can indulge. Three hour drive is pretty fast and you don’t have to cross through any major city or town. You will start from La road in Belgaum and then drive through NH 4A. If you don’t have a car, hire a cab.

Cheapest Option

If car is not your style and you like the idea of open vehicles, then you should go to Goa from Belgaum by bus. You can avail deluxe busses to the ones that are cheap. The first bus from Belgaum for Goa leaves at 10 AM in the morning and the last one leaves at 4 PM in the evening.

How to Reach Goa from Belgaum by Train

Longer Routes

Have extra couple of hours, then you should travel from Belgaum to Goa by train. The route is not long and you will be in Goa in 4 hours. Trains are comfortable and with 8 weekly trains from Belgaum to Goa, you won’t have any problem booking one.

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