Chennai to Goa

Head To The Exotic Beaches And Have The Time Of Your Life!!

From the hustle bustle of Chennai to Goa

Talk about moderate climate that is salubrious too, and the obvious answer is Goa. Known for its beaches and for being an international tourist destination, you can always get the best of everything in Goa. If you don’t want to party and spend the night away with booze and weed, then you can go to the Benaulim beach in Goa. It is one of the most serene and calm beaches of Goa. You can hear the soft sound of waves crushing against the shore and the birds chirping in the trees.

Metropolitan cities can be hectic as there is a lot of crowd and one such city is Chennai. It is famous for its roaring traffic and southern heat. If you want to escape from all this for the weekend, then you can easily head to Goa.

How to Reach Goa from Chennai by Road

Goa for Relieving Your Stress

You can easily take the road route as there are 3 different routes from Chennai to Goa. On your journey from Chennai to Goa by road, you will have to first head to Bangalore and then decide which route you want to take. This will depend on whether you want to reach fast or enjoy the journey too. Take any route and it will not take more than 14 hours to reach Goa.

How to Reach Goa from Chennai by Train

Make friends on your train journey from Chennai to Goa!!

If you want to make life-long memories then what a better way to do it, than travelling from Chennai to Goa by train. The ticket are affordable and it takes 23 hours (a day) to travel from Chennai to Goa.

How to Reach Goa from Chennai by Air

Fly to Goa in a Jiffy

As it is evident, travelling from Chennai to Goa can take a lot of time from cabs or trains, you can always go for flights if you want to reach there within hours. It takes maximum 3 hours to travel from Chennai to Goa by flight. There are weekly 21 flights and that gives you a lot of options to choose from.

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