Gulbarga to Goa

From a Small City Gulbarga to Beach City Goa

Gulbarga or officially called Kalaburagi city is situated in the state of Karnataka. The city has the administrative headquarters of the district and has nothing special to it. However, one thing that is good about this small city is that it is located close to the fun capital of India – Goa.

For people who want to go on a vacation or just take the weekend off, Goa is the closest city that offers every type of fun possible in the country. From cocktail parties to amazing music and swaying your body to groovy music near the beach, everything is possible in the city of Goa. However, if you want to revisit the rule of Portuguese in this city, then you should head to the various churches spread across the city. Some of those churches include Church of St. Francis Of Assisi, Ruins of Church of St. Augustine, St. Cajetan Church, Lady Rosary Church and many others. Already excited about traveling from Gulbarga to Goa then pack your bags as you will now discover how to reach Goa from Gulbarga.

How to Reach Goa from Gulbarga By Road

If you can drive to Goa or hire a cab, then it will take approximately 9.5 hours to travel from Gulbarga to Goa by road. The NH 218 is safe and the journey is short as Goa is not far away from Gulbarga. Moreover, a road trip is something that everyone loves to go on in their youth.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of driving all the way to Goa, then you can book a bus till Belgaum and then get a cab till Goa. This will take 9 hours approximately.

How to Reach Goa from Gulbarga By Train

If you want to travel by train, then you will have to take Gulbarga to Goa train from Gulbarga till Londa and then reach Goa by a taxi. Have an amazing weekend at the best city in the country.

How to Reach Goa from Gulbarga By Flight

There is no direct Gulbarga to Goa flights or trains. However, you can take a bus from Gulbarga to Hyderabad and then take a flight till Goa. The APSRTC bus services are available from Gulbarga and SpiceJet from Hyderabad.

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