Jodhpur to Goa

From the Land of Forts to a Land of Beaches

Talk about royalty and grandeur and you will get that in plenty in the state of Rajasthan. One of the cities that are full of forts and arid deserts is the city of Jodhpur. There are many places of historical interest in the city but when it comes to having fun and doing something out of your regular routine then you should go to Goa.

It offers a lot of activities which can be enjoyed by everyone. From exotic beaches that will give you the best sights of your life to the peaceful and utterly beautiful churches that reflect the archaic architecture in its full glory. Go to the famous Baga beach and immerse yourself in the music around you and visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus to pay visit to the Christ and get to know what your inner self is trying to say. Jodhpur to Goa is an easy way as every form of transportation is available.

How to Reach Goa from Jodhpur by Road

You can travel from Jodhpur to Goa by air or by land, one thing that you cannot avoid are the long hours. It takes at least 25 hours to go from Jodhpur to Goa by road. You will have to drive in your car or hire a cab and go through the famous NH 4. You will be able to stop on the way and witness the mesmerizing places towards early dawn and at the time of the sunset.

How to Reach Goa from Jodhpur by Train

If you want to take the train, which is the cheapest option, then the Bikaner Kochuveli Express is available. This Jodhpur to Goa train takes 31 hours 50 minutes to reach Goa.

How to Reach Goa from Jodhpur by Flight

There are direct flights available from Jodhpur to Goa but they take a minimum of 15 hours for the complete journey. If you want to reach their within 15 hours, then you should take the Jet Airways. Other Jodhpur to Goa flights is also available as 38 flights go from Jodhpur to Goa every single day.

Happy vacations to your favourite destination for the best days of your life.

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