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Do you want to visit a place where there is a combination of natural sports, historical place, and religious places? Do you have any idea where to find such a place?

Tour to Goa is a perfect trip that offers you the natural beauty in terms of palm-fringed, silver and golden beaches, historical places that echoes the Venetian architecture, Wildlife sanctuary to get the thrills and chills of different animal species, and more…. Goa travel is a perfect journey for all!

This beautiful erstwhile Portuguese colony gained independence in 1975 to become a part of Indian sub-continent, and the Venetian era continues to spill out in the culture, tradition, and architecture.

Goa Tourism
Goa Tourism

Goa Geography

Goa beautifully stretches out on a 125 kilometers coastal line of Arabian Sea, cozily nestled on the Western Ghats in the Konkan region. This coastal state is blessed with pristine and tranquil beaches that beckon revelers from around the globe. However, it is not only a “beach” destination, tour of Goa offers hot spots that will lead you to paradise.

Ah….you must be joking…..Goa is about sun, sand, beach and fun!!!! Nope! Read our Goa tourism guide to find out more.

Explore Goa tourism with our expert Goa tourist guide!

Beaches are the main attractions of Goa; it offers the great opportunity to revelers to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. Both North Goa and South Goa have famous beaches for enjoying aqua sports, parties, or simply getting the perfect tan on a tranquil beach. On your trip to Goa, you will be awe-struck with scenic landscapes on Anjuna beach, Baga beach, and Calangute beaches in North. The largest beach- Calangute- shares its name from the nearby Calagute village, with an approx. area of 5 kilometers, and is located at a distance of 15 kilometers from the state capital Panaji.

Meanwhile, the South boasts of the oldest beach in the state- The Colva Beach– it is equally famous for its spectacular beauty. Other famous beaches here are Talpona and Palolem beach.

Regardless of your direction (North Goa/South Goa), beaches in Goa are popular for their aqua sports, such as, like para-sailing, Dolphin spotting, and banana boat ride.

South Goa North Goa





Tired? Walk into any of the beach-side restaurants to satiate your hunger and taste buds with scrumptious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and of course a glass of cool drink.

Architecture in Goa

The next stop on your Goa travel guide is Architecture- Take inspiration for your home deco!

Well, there is no doubt that Goa is famous for beaches, but in the same way, it is famous for its Venetian architecture. For architecture aficionados, Goa Holidays offer unique pieces of artifacts.

The architectural monuments that steal the show at Goa India are Bom Jesus Basilica Church, Fort Aguada and Fort Chapora!

Bom Jesus Basilica Church is built according the Baroque architectural art, and is a UNESCO heritage site. On the other hand, Fort Aguada and Fort Chapora are strong fortresses built by the Portuguese rulers in 1600s and display Portuguese-Gothic style.

So have you thought of a home décor inspired from Gothic style yet?

Keep thinking….as we step into the world of gambling!

Goa Beach Tourism
Goa Beach Tourism

Casino in Goa

Really??? Does India allow gambling? Goa Tourism Development Corporation in collaboration with the state government has legalized gambling in Goa. In fact, Goa in India is the only destination where you can try your luck at casinos, legally.

The Vainguinim Valley is famous for its fleet of casinos in Goa such as White Sands and Dunes. You can try your luck at the slot machine or at the table of poker in the floating casinos- Casino Carnival, Casino Royale, or Casino Pride.

Casino Royale…the name rings a bell…..was it a James Bond movie title? Yes! Rather the film was shot here.

Had my spin of luck and I won a penny…. what’s next?

Sail into the Arabian Sea with a crew of beautiful dancers, tasty bites, and cultural reverence on a Cruise ship.

Goa Casino
Casino in Goa

Carnivals & Festivals in Goa

Tourism in Goa is incomplete without the mention of Carnivals!

Carnivals and parties completes holiday in Goa. The state is famous for its Christmas and New Year carnival, with several floats marching in the parade; such occasions bring history of Goa back to life.

And that’s not all…the Sunburn Festival held every year (except the last two) flocks revelers to the beaches from around the globe. The music, the dance, the food and the wine, makes the festival a paradise for party-goers.

For docile humans there are numerous activities to enjoy. You can visit Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary or Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, or enjoy the beauty of Dudhsagar waterfall and Lamgau caves. Oh yes…. Do not miss out the Spice Plantation….after all you must know where your spices come from, isn’t it?

Carnival in Goa
Goa Carnival

Goa Cuisine

Is there something for me – I am a Foodie!

Goa is a foodie’s paradise, as the state is flooded with beachside and roadside cafes and restaurants that serve delicious cuisine prepared with special Goan spices.

Seafood lovers can enjoy fresh Lobsters, Prawns, Crabs, Clams, Pomfrets, Ladyfish, oysters and mussels, prepared in spicy Goan curry with a hint of fresh coconut for enhancing the taste.

For vegetarians, Blue planet café, Café Bhonsle, Bean Me Up, Jalsa, and Pink Orange are some of the top-notch restaurants that serve Goan vegetable curries and dal with steamed rice, or chapatti.

For authentic Portuguese and Goan dishes visit Nostalgia and Avozim.

Fenni is the local drink prepared from fermenting the cashew nuts (the state has rich cashew yield each year). It may taste bitter initially, but when it kicks in, you are on the clouds… Now, once in awhile it’s good to let your hair down. Isn’t it?

May it be a traditional shopping in a street market or a para-sailing at the beach, may it be a scooter ride in the city or a water scooter ride in the sea, all the activities on a Goa trip are filled with different delight and joy.

Upon learning about Goa, you can see the beautiful amalgamation of Portuguese and Indian culture that reflects in every grain of sand that lies on the shore, among people, in the architecture, and in the food. For more information about Goa please contact us NOW!

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