Butterfly Beach in Goa

Butterfly Beach – Something Different From The Regular

Goa, the word itself brings a thrill. No matter what the occasion is but when it comes to having a memorable vacation, the first place you would like to head to is Butterfly Beach Goa. The beach, the booze and admiring the scenic landscape and enjoying a sun bath has become the trend for the people who intend to throng this shore. The main purpose of any trip is to rejuvenate from his/her mundane life, and to make some wonderful memories which can be later being laughed on.

Out of all many beaches in Goa the Butterfly Beach in Goa have become quite attractive, as being a small beach compared to others, people tend to spend some time so to avoid the crowd and peace time for themselves. Having conversation on Butterfly Beach Goa and you never get out of topics as they are the spotlight of this costal spot situated at the heart of the City.

The beaches vary according to size, beauty and many more categories. The best part is to enjoy the only mean of transportation to reach the beach, a boat. The traveling gets more exciting when you come across the cutest creature dolphin, toward your destination to Butterfly Beach in Goa. The dolphin rides make your day while the serene beach side resort bonfires make your evening!

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