Chapora Beach in Goa

Immerse in the Picturesque Beauty of Chapora Beach

One of the villages in North Goa is Chapora. It is home to the famous, beautiful and splendid Chapora Beach. This beach and village borrows their name from the Fort Chapora that was built by the Portuguese in 1510. This magnificent fort rises high above the Chapora River. Inside the fort, a few signs exist of the barracks and housing that once filled this region.

The clear, white sand and the coconut palm fringed Chapora Beach in Goa is an amazing sight for the eyes. The rocky cliffs and sandy coves add to is grandiose. You can sit here and spend your evening in solitude and observe the warm glow of the sun set or simply watch people frolic on the beach.

If you want to swim, then Chapora might not be the safest place as the undercurrents are strong sometimes. There are plenty of shacks and restaurants that serve delightful Goan cuisines and the hotels are cheap. This beach is well-suited for travelers who are on a shoe string budget.

One place that you should definitely try at this beach is the Ganesh fruit juice center. It is popular for its organic and fresh juices which attract numerous visitors to the beach.

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