Patnem Beach in Goa

Patnem Beach – The Poignant Beauty Of Goa

If Palolem Beach turned out to be crowded, then the Patnem Beach in Goa is yet another option just adjacent to it. Along with a great crowd to get along, the fantastic colors of the beach overpower the heat of the sun kissing your face. The tide line of the grey rocks off the shore glares at you from a distance and the blue green water rests facing you when you are chilling on the beach shacks.

One can find stalls of Kashmiri jewelry, trinkets as well as some handcrafted clothing when you enter the beach. They have a good sale value outside Goa. There also stand the bakery special hotels near Patnem Beach Goa which serves some of the best chocolate varieties as well as cheesecakes. These hotels also have homes to give away for rent which are less expensive than other hotel rooms.

Apart from food and sale, there are good Yoga and Spa centers which lie secluded away from the beach but easily reachable. Matching your lifestyle these centers also offer good retreat facilitates which will cost a few bucks but are definitely are worth spending.

It is believed that spending a few extras for such a service won’t be regret at all, if people visiting Patnem Beach are trusted.

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