Utorda Beach in Goa

Utorda Beach – The Place where Comfort meets Beauty

Utorda Beach in Goa is a gift to south Goa with amazingly beautiful views as a whole bordered by two equally breathtaking viewed beaches like Mojorda and Arossim Beaches. The sea has a stunning coastline with dazzling and soft touch of the waves kissing your feet. The waves are not so loud and swimming is safe here. For a beginner too, swimming can be much more fun to boast at Utorda Beach Goa.

The dense vegetation of the palms, the elegantly refreshing restaurants around, the refined sand and the smoothening breeze is just so perfect at Utorda Beach that you won’t feel it to be any different from heaven.

There are certain recommended places around for decent snacks and drinks. The incredibly affordable rates will bring along a lot of surprises for you. The available lifeguards and their services are also noteworthy enough.

An escapade from the normal routine and a change from the already noisy urban life, a couple of days in Utorda will bring your lively life back into you. Utorda resorts are also available which offer classy suites and the exact comfort needed. Kenilworth Beach Resort and Galaxy Beach Resort are two such places which will prove the worth of every penny spent there.

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